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13 August 2015

Cash boost for Mount Industries Social Enterprise

Enham Trust has been donated almost £500,000 to support the development of Social Enterprise, Mount Industries based in Eastleigh.

The donation, made by an anonymous benefactor, will help to purchase state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, supporting the growth of this social enterprise, which designs and manufactures a wide range of standard, specialist and bespoke school & office furniture.

Social Enterprise

Mount Industries is a social enterprise operated by Enham Trust. It employs a mixed-ability community of 62 staff, 44 of whom have a range of physical and learning disabilities.

Esthelle, who had previously been out of work for four years due to ill health, joined Enham Trust 1 year ago and says gaining employment with Mount Industries has changed her life:

"Having been ill had made me lose my confidence and I felt that I couldn’t do anything.  Through the support that I was given I have been able to get this job at Mount Industries and they have helped me to develop my skills, which has boosted my confidence.  Having a job, knowing that someone trusted me and having someone believe in me has really been amazing, it has turned my life around."

Supporting disabled people into paid employment

Each week Mount Industries produces more than 120 pieces of furniture for schools and local businesses across Hampshire and Oxfordshire.  This donation will see the social enterprise increase productivity by 10%.  Any profits that Mount Industries make are reinvested into Enham Trust and its work to support disabled people to live as independently as possible.

Head of Enham Trust Industries, Oli Huppertz, said:

"Enham Trust is highly committed to supporting disabled people into paid employment. We currently have 18 disabled people working at Mount Industries and we know that the impact of having paid employment is huge for disabled people. It can mean financial independence and boosted self esteem. Those employed through our social enterprises gain valuable work place skills and have seen a huge increase in their confidence."

It is vital that we continue the success at Mount so that more disabled people are supported to be skilled up and this money will be a massive boost to work to ensure that we can have a paid job and we can sustain the current work force as well. The new machines will be state of the art equipment that will enable us to train more disabled people and give them a chance to find work in the open job market, living by our Enham ethos “the power of YES”.

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Mount Industries is an Enham Trust Social Enterprise

Enham Trust enriches the lives of over 7,500 individuals each year, as they achieve greater independence, choice and control in the cornerstone areas of their lives; housing, care, work and skills development.

Mount Industries is an Enham Trust Social Enterprise that makes valuable contributions to the success of the charity and provides our customers with essential employment opportunities. For more information about a specific Enham Social Enterprise, please click on the logo links below.

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Mount Industries
Unit 3,
Barton Park Industrial Estate,
Chickenhall Lane,
Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 6RR

Telephone: 02380 612841
Fax: 02380 612577